Stephanie Mason

Stephanie dabbled with a few piano lessons while growing before joining band in grade six where she started to play the flute. Thirty years ago this past spring when Stephanie was in grade eight she took a tour of UBC School of Music during their open house and had a free music lesson. The only instrument with no line-up was the bassoon. She had a great time. The student teacher was impressed and gave her the reed to keep. Stephanie was so excited she told her high school teacher (a recent UBC grad) who then handed her a dusty bassoon from the closet and she hasn’t touched a flute since. Not long after that day, Stephanie was receiving invitations to youth orchestras in Delta and Vancouver; to join pit orchestras for musicals, and as the years went by, to join community orchestras. She had played with Fraser Valley Symphony, Richmond Community, New Westminster and joined the Dawson Creek Symphonette and Choir for the opera La Traviata in her last year of high school. Upon graduation she headed to UBC, continuing to play in many community orchestras and theatre groups, and start her family. She spent 10 years with Dawson Creek Symphonette & Choir performing operas and operettas with amazing artists from all over the world. She joined Fraser Valley Gilbert & Sullivan, in their performances of Mikado and Iolanthe. Stephanie completed her studies at TWU in 2003 and has stayed active musically in the community of Chilliwack under the musical direction of Paula DeWit. Stephanie