Piano Extravaganza Participants

Founded in Vancouver, Trio Liscio was guided and supported through the chamber music program at the Langley Community Music School since January 2018. The piano trio is composed of three young but serious music students.

The violinist, Annis Lee, is a sixteen-year-old student. She is the concertmaster of Surrey Youth Orchestra and the LCMS orchestra. She is recognized through her performances at local festivals such as the scholarship festival at the Langley Community Music School. Also, Annis has participated in the Kiwanis Performing Arts festival, where she was invited to play at provincials for solo and chamber in 2015 to 2018, by the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Kiwanis. Some of her other notable performances includes performing Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen with the LCMS Orchestra in June 2017, performing Sinding’s Suite in A minor with the Surrey Youth Orchestra in May 2018, as well as taking part of the concert series for young students of the International Suzuki Summer Program. This summer, Annis will take part of the Quartet Fest West hosted by the Lafayette String Quartet at the University of Victoria.The cellist is seventeen-year-old Sabrina Juan. She has completed grade 10 certificate of the Royal Conservatory of Music certificate program and is working towards her ARCT diploma for both piano and cello. Additionally, she has completed her grade 8 exam for violin. She has been on stage performing in music festivals and concerts since she began her music lessons at the age of five. In the summer of 2017, Sabrina was invited to play at the Casalmaggiore International Music Festival where she performed as both soloist and chamber musician. Last November, she was also the winner of Fraser Valley Concerto Competition, and had performed as a soloist with the Fraser Valley Symphony Orchestra. Currently, Sabrina is the principal cellist of the Surrey Youth Orchestra, and enjoys performing with a cello ensemble, Cellissimo in a concert series with the Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra as well as with the Langley Community Music School Cello Ensemble.

Charmaine Yang is a fifteen-year-old pianist, also with many achievements. Charmaine has been delegated by the Kiwanis Fraser Valley Festival to perform at the BC Performing Arts Provincials Festival several times in the past few years, competing with both chamber music and solo programs. Additionally, Charmaine completed her grade 10 exam back in China in 2014 at the age of 11, and now she is working towards her ARCT certification. She also had the opportunity to perform Beethoven Piano Concerto No.1 with the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra in 2016. She is looking forward to working with the orchestra again this year in October. She also performed the same concerto with the LCMS Orchestra. This summer, Charmaine was invited to attend Curtis Institute of Music, one of the top Music Institute in the world, for an international music program.

Annis, Sabrina and Charmaine has been music students for more than a decade, and are senior students at the Langley Community Music School. The three active musicians participate in local, regional and provincial competitions. This year, they have participated together in the Fraser Valley Kiwanis Music Festival and the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival. The trio was chosen to represent both festivals in the National Class at the Performing Arts BC. In June, they were then nominated to represent British Columbia for the 2018 National Federation of Canadian Music Festival in New Brunswick.

Trio Liscio has been coached and taught by many well-acclaimed musicians, such as the Rose Gellert String Quartet, the Borealis String Quartet, Joel Stobbe, Bo Peng, and Elizabeth Bergmann. The trio is very grateful for the support from the Langley Community Music School.



Shree Bhaga was born in 2009 in Abbotsford, British Columbia. She started to play the piano at the age of 6 and from 2017 she started taking lessons from Ewa Telega.
Shree enjoys dancing, listening to music, reading, and art.


Madison Brecht is an avid musician and, under the tutelage of Colleen Denoni, is dedicated to her studies in piano and piano performance. She is an active and successful participant in the Chilliwack Lions Club Music and Dance Festival where she has earned many honours, including the titles of Junior Champion, Lower Intermediate Champion, and Intermediate Champion. Madison was particularly proud to represent Chilliwack at the 2017 B. C. Festival of the Arts in Junior A Piano. Having completed Grade 8 in the Royal Conservatory of Music, this G. W. Graham Middle-Secondary School freshman is eager to advance her musical skills and knowledge.

Tyler Brecht is an ardent music fan dedicated to piano performance. Under the guidance of Colleen Denoni, he is an annual participant in the Chilliwack Lions Club Music and Dance Festival. Not only has he been the recipient of many trophies, Tyler has also been named Junior Champion as well as Lower Intermediate Champion. This Vedder Elementary School student, currently challenging Grade 5 in his Royal Conservatory of Music studies, looks forward to each and every one of his piano performances.


Fiona Fung is 12 years old in Sixth Grade. In 2017, she moved from Prince George to Abbotsford. Fiona  has many hobbies and interests, some are clay sculpting, painting, drawing, crafts and obviously piano. Fiona also does figure skating, and is currently in Star 3 program at AFC.
She started learning piano in September 2016 when she was 10 years old. She is playing at level 3 now. Fiona recently received the 2018 Abbotsford Music Festival Junior Solo Piano Award for Adjudicator’s Choice in a Classical Class.

Brooklyn Gerber, 14, was born and raised in Abbotsford and began playing piano as soon as she could climb on the piano bench. Lessons began when she was four, first with Music for Young Children, then with Heather Dyck and Carmen Hollett. She now studies with Dr. Betty Suderman and appreciates all her teachers for encouraging her to have FUN with music!
For four years she’s had the good fortune to be the pianist for Abbotsford Youth Orchestra and she’s sung with the Pacific Mennonite Children’s choir for the past six years. She enjoys playing paino for weddings, graduations and school dramas but her all time favorite form of music making involves collaborating with friends in small string groups and accompanying choirs or soloists. Her greatest goal is that her music be a blessing to others.
Being the significantly youngest of three siblings, Brooklyn currently enjoys spending a great deal of quality time with her mom and dad: so she especially appreciates time spent with friends, completely immersing herself in books, baking and eating muffins, blue skies and sunshine, and swimming, having swum competitively for nearly ten years.

Rebecca Hall is 13 years old, and has been playing the piano for 6 years. She is home schooled, and is in Grade 6. Rebecca is taught by Mrs. Colleen Denoni, and is currently working on her Grade 10 piano. Rebecca Hall has performed at many musical events, including the Chilliwack Music Festival, and the Academy Awards Concert, and has received numerous trophies. For the second time in the last three years, Rebecca will be competing at the Performing Arts BC Provincial Festival. She was also chosen as the Upper Intermediate Piano Champion in 2016, and in 2018. Besides playing the piano, Rebecca enjoys reading, and being outside.

Austin Ng just turned 11 years old and has been playing the piano since the age of five. He has the great privilege of being a student of Dr. Libby Yu for the past three years and during this time, he has developed his potential and love for music.
In May 2015, Austin was awarded First place in several classes at the British Columbia Conservatory of Music Festival. As a result, he was also awarded the BCCM Scholarship for the Highest Average Mark in the grade 8 category. Austin was given further recognition when he was awarded several top prizes at the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival in 2016. He was awarded the Most Outstanding Performance Pianist in the Intermediate category. Austin was subsequently chosen to represent the VKMF at the 2016 Performing Arts Provincial Festival held in Fort St. John, where he was awarded First Place in the Junior A Piano category. He was then selected to perform in the events finale showcase – BC’s Best Concert.
In November of 2016, Austin was the winner of the Concerto Challenge 11 & under category at the Richmond Music Festival. This was a great honour to make his orchestral debut with the Richmond Orchestra at Rising Stars 2017. In May of 2017, Austin won the Junior group in the 2017 Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra Concerto Competition. In the same year of September, he received a Bronze medal of Vancouver International Music Competition.
2018 is starting out with great honour as he performed with The Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra. Austin hopes he can bring his love for music to everybody and continued success with plenty of new experiences.

Madison Pedrosa  was born in Saskatoon, where she began studying piano at the age of seven. Her love of music, and piano in particular, flourished in those early years. She started her musical aspirations by taking her first lessons from her father. Soon after, Madison began studying her grade two and three piano.
In 2015, Madison, along with her family, moved to Chilliwack. There she began to study piano under Colleen Denoni. Over the past three years, Madison’s love for piano has grown immensely as she has completed grades four through nine. She is currently studying her grade ten piano and hopes to complete her ARCT in the near future.
Madison is entering her grade 12 year at Highroad Academy. She enjoys participating on her youth’s worship team as well as time spent with family and friends. She also likes longboarding, swimming, reading, and babysitting. All in all, Madison thoroughly enjoys playing a wide variety of instruments, especially the piano, and she hopes her music will touch others around her.

Cindy Phan began her music journey when she was 6 years old. She have been playing for 8 years now, and is currently in grade 8 piano. She have participated in many of the Chilliwack Music Festivals and have won several trophies over the past years. She have also performed with the Chilliwack Orchestra 2 years ago. Cindy is very excited to be part of this amazing experience again. She is currently attending St. John Brebeuf Secondary school and is in grade 8. Cindy enjoys her music and piano very much and often likes to play popular songs asides her regular repitoires. In her free time Cindy likes to read listen to music and watch tv shows.

Jayden Phan started piano lessons when he was 5 years old. He recently completed his grade 6 piano examination in April. Jayden enjoys playing the piano, even though he does not like to practice everyday. Jayden participated in several of the Chilliwack Music Festivals. Last year, he won 3 trophies, and this year he won the McAlpines Shield for his Sonatina. Jayden is in grade 6 and is attending St Mary’s Elementary school. Besides from piano, he enjoys outdoor activities, video games, boardgames (especially Scrabbles) and loves to read Manga (Japanese comics).


Josh Wakelin is 16 years old and a high school student at W.J. Mouat in the French Immersion program. He is currently doing his grade 10 RCM piano with Betty Suderman and has been working with her for 2 years now. She has been instrumental in fine tuning his techniques and confidence. Diane Petkau, who taught him for the first 9 years gave him such an appreciation for.  Music isn’t his only passion though. Hockey has been a big part of his life since he was 5. He plays defence on the Abbotsford Minor Hockey Midget A 1 team. And because his life isn’t busy enough, he also works as a hockey referee and helps coach his 2 little brothers’ hockey team.

Elliot Wakelin is 8 years old and a student at Sandy Hill Elementary in the French Immersion program.  Elliot has studied with Diane Petkau now for 3 years and boy does he love to perform. In 2017, he performed with the Abbotsford Youth Orchestra and is very excited to be playing with the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra along with his brother Josh. He has a real appreciation of all genres of music.

Like his brother, he also plays hockey and enjoys lacrosse after hockey season.


Iris Wang is ten years old. She started her piano lessons when she was four.
She was Linda Rathjen’s student for four years,
and now her teacher is Ewa Telega. She finished her level seven piano exam and level nine Harmony exam. Iris participates in the Abbotsford Music Festival every year, and has won many Trophies. She loves music, especially the piano. In her free time, Iris enjoys playing with her two dogs: James & Snoopy.

Sean Yin age 14, will be going into Grade 11 in the fall. He was first drawn to the piano and music at the age of 5, and has beenplaying since. Over the years, Sean has enjoyed participating in festivals and competitions and is presently working towards a RCM ARCT Piano Performance Diploma. “The Lark” was originally a Russian folk song written by Mikhail Glinka, and was rearranged for piano by Mily Balakirev. The image of bird calls and a beautiful, haunting melody echo throughout this piece. Outside of the piano, Sean enjoys badminton, reading, and origami.