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#Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and chorus under the direction of Paula DeWit

Chilliwack residents will not need to travel to Vancouver for their concert needs. They won’t need to pay out of town high-ticket prices and parking fees; instead, they can enjoy locally produced, first class concerts from the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

The Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (CSO) is a non-profit society, incorporated in August 1999. The late Maestro John van Liempt and Paula DeWit, founded the CSO.   It was created to offer Chilliwack music lovers their own first class symphony orchestra and chorus. Since its inception, the organization also features an acappella group and ladies show choir.

The CSO is Chilliwack’s finest and most prestigious cultural and music asset. To hear the worlds finest music masterpieces played by musicians and sung by singers from the Fraser Valley is an exhilarating and profound experience. Concerts leave patrons singing and humming our music on their way home.

The CSO primarily performs at First Avenue Christian Assembly. When other performance venues are available for concerts in Chilliwack or in surrounding communities, the CSO is ready to perform there.

The CSO is the hub for musical artistic life in Chilliwack. The orchestra and chorus, in addition to formal concerts, also perform at our annual fund raising gala, The Note-able Feast. Members of the CSO also perform as small ensembles at various functions.

The Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and Chorus designs its performances to meet the musical tastes of Chilliwack and surrounding communities. Our concerts will include a variety of musical genres, such as Classical, Light Classical, Popular, Broadway and Jazz. The Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and Chorus frequently consists of a 40-piece orchestra, 55-member chorus, 8 voice a cappella group, as well as the CSO Starlets.