What the Messiah means to me!

For me, the Christmas season doesn’t feel complete without Handel’s Messiah. Growing up, it was the background music to every Christmas car ride, the ultimate favorite parts of every Christmas concert, and the music that will forever fill my heart with emotions of the true meaning of Christmas. I love how creative and masterful Handel was in composing music that tells this amazing story not only with words, but with the full range of musical notes, timing, tempo and more. He was incredibly gifted and inspired As a young adult, learning to sing the Messiah was a delight and a challenge and it continues to bring me much joy. I’m thrilled and honored to be joining Paula and the Chilliwack Symphony Chorus again this year after a 12 year break. Come join us in celebrating Christmas in this beautiful, iconic way on December 16!  Monica de Regt (CSO Chorus)



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