What the Messiah means to me!

I fell in love with music at a very early age. I have a vivid memory of 4-year-old Nikki sitting listening to beautiful harmonies and thinking that I just might be in heaven. My grade 2 music teacher soon let me know that I could not sing and that I was tone deaf. Ouch. I consoled myself with singing at home and learning every instrument available. I loved to put my emotions into my music and share my heart with others that way. As I aged up, I learned about pitch through my experience with the flute and accompanying vocalists on the piano. And as I learned and grew in confidence and got brave enough to sing for others. At first I would only sing with my 500 lb. security blanket, aka my piano; but, as I got braver I stepped into more opportunities which included a festival winning trio in acapella no less.

Then came Chilliwack – so many many dreams came true. I first started with the CSO as a Ladies Choir member and then later was able to join the Symphony Choir, CSO Starlets and Chilliwack Opera Troupe. Singing Handel’s Messiah is especially poignant for me and I will often be found tearing up as we sing “But Thanks” because a once broken-hearted little girl can only give thanks when surrounded by the beauty she gets to be a part of.
Please join us and just let the beauty of Handel’s Messiah fill your soul this season. You would be so welcome and I would wish for you to experience this little piece of heaven as well.



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